Armenia celebrates the 101st anniversary of the First Republic. On May 28, 1918 Armenia was proclaimed an independent republic.

It is commonly celebrated with fireworks, concerts, torchlight marches, parades, and parties. It is considered to be the national day of Armenia.

Armenia Art Fair will offer a dynamic contemporary art platform with 35 national and international galleries, art talks, and workshops with a particular focus on art & technology and art & investment.
Galleries and curators from Iran, Slovakia, Armenia, Germany, Spain, Belarus, United Kingdom and USA are participating in Armenia Art Fair 2019. You’ll find contemporary painting, photography, sculpture, video-art, installation, and mixed media.

Yerevan Gastro Day to take place on 1st June. The event is organized in «Street-fest» style.
The visitors will get together around a large table along Zaqyan street and enjoy the warm atmosphere.
They will have a chance to try dishes typical to Armenian and international cuisines matching them with the various alcoholic and soft drinks.
There will be a great number of rest areas where the visitors can enjoy their food, drinks and the acoustic stage music under the colorful lights of Yerevan Gastro Day.

Armenia is the most fascinating place you can visit this summer.

Occupying a unique cultural space that isn’t quite European or Asian, the countries of the South Caucasus have flown under many travelers’ radars — particularly Armenia, one of the most picturesque and diverse places in the world. If you want your next vacation to be truly unique, you should start brushing up on this under-traveled country.

Beyond the fact that the Kardashians are Armenian — though that’s not really the country’s fault — the place is largely unknown in the public conscious. Whether you visit for the stunning mountain landscapes and hikes, the ancient and delicious cuisine, or the rich history, you won’t regret making Armenia your first stop in the South Caucasus.

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First museum of chocolate opened in Armenia

In “Gourmet Dourme” chocolate museum visitors can get acquainted with history of chocolate, the making process and try Armenian chocolate with various fillings.

“Gourmet Dourme” is a brand founded by Pierre and Diran Bagdadian, two repatriated brothers from France and Austria. This handmade quality chocolate production is located in Ashtarak, near the capital Yerevan.

The brand name is a combination of French and Armenian words; “Gourmet” means epicure in French, while the word “Dourm” means chocolate in Armenian. It is one of the fastest growing brands in Armenia.

For the first time ever on May 3-5, Yerevan will be hosting a new culture festival, URVAKAN.

The purpose of the URVAKAN project ("ghost" in Armenian) is to create new experiences in the ghost areas of Soviet and post-Soviet Armenia through contemporary music and art. Performers, musicians, and artists from all over the world will unite to bring hundreds of lost and forgotten places in Armenia, from old factories to abandoned culture houses, back to life. The festival will cover many significant locations of Yerevan.

Ambient, industrial, noise, techno, house, bold, and free improvisation will hit the stages while art installations and street art will appear in various parts of the city.

Easily overlooked, Armenia has some of the best walking trails in Europe.

Armenia's beautiful natural landscapes are best explored on foot. The 11-day Armenia and the Silk Road trip takes in some of its finest routes, connecting the UNESCO protected monasteries of Sanahin and Haghpat, passing over limestone peaks and through verdant forests, with the opportunity to hike in the wild Geghama Mountains and climb to the top of Aragats, the country's tallest mountain.

Armenia among the 50 Best Places to Travel in 2019 by Travel and Leisure Magazine. 

This past spring Armenians voted in a new, more liberal government. The resulting energy has made the country all the more inviting to travelers. The Alexander, part of Marriott’s Luxury Collection, recently opened in Yerevan, giving the capital its first world-class hotel. And a number of new restaurants in the city, including Sherep, are breathing new life into Armenia’s ancient cuisine. Armenia has a famously beautiful countryside landscape, and there’s no better way to see it than on foot. The Transcaucasian Trail passes the spa town of Dilijan, the bucolic Dilijan National Park, and a pair of 10th-century Christian monasteries. 

The festival gathering over 25 wineries and 30 restaurants from Armenia and Artsakh on Saryan Street is great chance for you to try out the various local wines, Armenian cuisine and excellent cheese assortment, accompanied by performances of well-known Armenian bands, musicians and DJs.

Over 200 types of wine from different regions of Armenia will be presented to all the visitors. The festival is a great opportunity for wine producers as well as restaurants and other companies to present their products to a new audience. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just looking forward to new experiences, the Yerevan Wine Days is the festival that will leave you with great memories.

This year the territory is larger and wider. It will take place on Saryan and Moscow streets from the crossroads of Pushkin street to Baghramyan Avenue. 

Liberty Travel Armenia to take part in 25th International Mediterranean Tourism Market

The Expo will take place on the 12-13 February in Tel - Aviv, Israel. It brings together all professionals from the tourism industry and introduces new attractions and tourist destinations.

IMTM is leading tourism event that marks the immense presence of tourism services and solutions, tour operating services, tour planning services, budget tours, packaged tour services, tour related accessories and essentials and all services and solutions that are associated with the tourism industry.

More than 500 exhibitors and  20.000 visitors annually participate in the event.


Set in the Caucasus Mountains, Armenia is a hidden gem that’s still untouched by mass tourism and yet has so much to offer: rich history, wineries, impressive landscapes, ancient monasteries and breathtaking mountains as far as your eyes can see. The capital, Yerevan, is a lively city with wide avenues, delicious restaurants, museums and street markets selling local handicrafts.

For wine lovers, Armenia is the perfect place to try wines made from different fruits such as pomegranate (Armenia’s national symbol), blackberries and cherries. Outside of the capital is picturesque nature. You can pay a visit to the oldest winery in the world in Areni, stop by stunning monasteries, or check out the oldest cathedral in the world in Etchmiadzin.

According to Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the United Kingdom Armenia is one of the safest countries in Europe alongside Switzerland, Slovenia, Iceland and Czech Republic.

Liberty Travel Armenia team will organize for you an unforgettable trip to Armenia with Armenian particular style of hospitality.

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This tiny country in the southern Caucasus boasts one of the world’s oldest civilisations, was the earliest nation to adopt Christianity and produces world famous brandy which is reported to have been distilled there since the 12th century.

“It’s an unspoiled destination full of breathtaking mountain landscapes and amazing religious monuments, from churches and monasteries to an unexpected Hellenic style temple,” Raman told Luxury Travel Magazine. “The capital, Yerevan, is charming with wide, leafy boulevards lined with cafés and wine bars dishing up hearty cuisine and local varietals.”

It used to be simple: red wine from France, white wine from Germany. Then the New World started bustling in and before you knew it California, Australia and New Zealand were producing great wines with Chile and South Africa not far behind.

Nowadays, it may be difficult to find a country that doesn't make wine.

So we've scoured the cellars and the lists to find wines from unlikely sources that are available to British consumers

It's been a fascinating and rewarding voyage of discovery that takes in India, China, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Armenia and even Belgium. All you need is a glass.

From vineyards nestled in the shadow of Noah and his Ark’s final resting place, Mount Ararat, comes a full-bodied Armenian red wine that claims an almost equally long pedigree.

They were producing wine in the caves in nearby Areni more than 6,000 years ago and it’s the indigenous areni noir grape which gives this complex but elegant wine its rich soft fruit aromas with hints of herbs and spice.

This year special format of the festival is dedicated "Erebuni-Yerevan 2800" celebration.

The festival is unique of its kind and unites on one platform specially invited HoReCa expert, food industry professionals, media representatives,  individuals engaged in various segments of the Armenian food and hospitality sector, bloggers, city residents and guests.

During the Festival days many restaurants and cafes of Yerevan will present  special set menus. Gastronomic dinners by invited and local chefs will take place, also lectures, trainings, professional roundtable meetings are planned.

Festival Organisers aim at developing the HoReCa industry in the country and setting Armenia on the world's culinary map!

Each week, we spotlight a dream vacation recommended by some of the industry's top travel writers. This week's pick is Armenia.

"When you encounter hospitality in Armenia, you're unlikely to forget it," said Ben Lerwill at BBC. The rugged, mountainous country has been renowned for its generosity to outsiders since the days of the Silk Road, when countless traders, soldiers, and migrants passed through its beautiful, rolling landscape. "As long ago as 400 B.C., the Greek general Xenophon brought his troops this way and gave accounts of tables groaning with lamb, poultry, and barley wine.

A large-scale marketing campaign promoting Armenia as a tourist destination launched in Lebanon and the Gulf states on October 25. A series of events were organized throughout the following week which sought to boost and strengthen Armenia's ties with Syria and Lebanon in the tourism sector, raise awareness about Armenia as an attractive destination, as well as develop joint information policies.

Armenia’s healthcare ministry received Thursday heads of organizations providing dental services and specialized associations, the press office of the ministry reports.  After greeting participants of the meeting, David Melik-Nubaryan, acting chief of the healthcare ministry’s unit in charge of medical assistance policy, said that medical services in Armenia have a rich record and a huge potential for competing at international markets.

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