Armenia launches major tourism campaign in Lebanon, Gulf states

A large-scale marketing campaign promoting Armenia as a tourist destination launched in Lebanon and the Gulf states on October 25. A series of events were organized throughout the following week which sought to boost and strengthen Armenia's ties with Syria and Lebanon in the tourism sector, raise awareness about Armenia as an attractive destination, as well as develop joint information policies.

As a result, 14 articles were published in Arabic and Armenian media outlets, two radio reports were prepared by Radio Sevan and the Voice of Van, three interviews aired on Arabic-language TV channels, which also broadcast Armenia's tourism commercial.

Also, a presentation was put together for 18 leading tour operators and a separate one was organized for business circles.

Targeting Lebanon as a tourist market has a serious economic and historical background, including a growing outbound travel market, a large Christian community, as well as a 200-year-old Armenian community.

Also,serious prospects for the development of religious tourism is observed in Lebanon.


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