Armenian Zorah Karasi among 12 best world wines according to Independent

It used to be simple: red wine from France, white wine from Germany. Then the New World started bustling in and before you knew it California, Australia and New Zealand were producing great wines with Chile and South Africa not far behind.

Nowadays, it may be difficult to find a country that doesn't make wine.

So we've scoured the cellars and the lists to find wines from unlikely sources that are available to British consumers

It's been a fascinating and rewarding voyage of discovery that takes in India, China, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Greece, Armenia and even Belgium. All you need is a glass.

From vineyards nestled in the shadow of Noah and his Ark’s final resting place, Mount Ararat, comes a full-bodied Armenian red wine that claims an almost equally long pedigree.

They were producing wine in the caves in nearby Areni more than 6,000 years ago and it’s the indigenous areni noir grape which gives this complex but elegant wine its rich soft fruit aromas with hints of herbs and spice.

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