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2 Days of traveling in Armenia finding 5 senses. There’s more to travel than just sight-seeing. Hearing Geghard acoustics.


2 Days of traveling in Armenia finding 5 senses.

There’s more to travel than just sight-seeing. 

Hearing  Geghard acoustics.

Geghard is a partly dug in the rock monastery. Initially it was known as Ayrivank (the monastery of the cave). The present name – Geghard (Armenian – “lance, spear”) – derives from biblical lance used by a Roman to pierce the rib of crusified Christ. This carved chambers are known for their incredible acoustics.The  breathtaking acoustics make holy and mysterious reverberation of sound, almost a divine echo which gives you a feeling that you are in the heaven.

Seeing Ararat  mountain                

There are thousands of sights in Armenia, each uniquely impressive and memorable.However,anyone who visits Armenia will forever remember the majestic and noble scene in the world, the fabulous view of Holy Mount Ararat.Mount Ararat  has been a source of inspiration for many poets and painters with its matchless beauty.Biblical Mount Ararat has always been and still is the silent witness of the multy – centurial Armenian history.

 SmellingAreni winery                

Areni  is a village in the Vayots Dzor Province . It is best known for its wine production. In one of the caves in Areni has been found the oldest winery in the world, 6000 year – old winery.

  TouchingNoravanq red stones                  

Noravank is one of the beautiful places in Armenia. It is built in the heart of the nature, among sharp,red cliffs and the deep gorge. Noravank attracts tourists attention with the stair-like carvings on the facade which leads to the second floor.

  Tasting Ararat brandy factory                

 According to a legend, the Armenian land is the cradle of winemaking, the first winemaker was Noah who has left his ark at the foot of Mount Ararat, and has planted the first vines. Ararat valley grapes are the finest in Caucasus. The main brand is Ararat and here are legendary Ararat Armenian cognacs (brandy). Ararat Brandy is distinguished by some characteristic features:

* Amber-colored 

* Aroma saturated 

* Rich taste with a velvet texture 

* Lasting flavor