Armenia entered the top five most popular tourist destinations during the May holidays among Russian citizens. According to the survey, Armenia ranks third and has 8% preference for Russian travelers. The second line is occupied by Uzbekistan, where 9% of Russians prefer to fly. The fourth place is occupied by Azerbaijan – 5%, and 4% of tourists from Russia are ready to go to Kyrgyzstan and the UAE. In the first place – Turkey. Tickets to this country were requested by 23% of tourists.

It should be noted that against the backdrop of the events in Ukraine, Armenia has become one of the most popular destinations for citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Since the end of February, according to unofficial data, about 85,000 citizens of Russia and 4,000 citizens of Ukraine have arrived in Armenia. About 4,500 Russian citizens have registered accounts in Armenian banks, 938 Russian citizens have registered individual entrepreneurs in Armenia, and another 268 have registered LLCs.


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