As you know, Armenia is the first Christian country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion.

This happened back in 301. Since then, Armenia has never betrayed its faith, and for more than 17 centuries it has been faithful to Christianity. For almost two millennia, a large number of beautiful temples have been built in the country, many of which are more than a thousand years old. We invite you to make a pilgrimage to Armenia and feel the indescribable aura of ancient churches and monasteries and follow the path of the disciples of Jesus Christ.

Top marvelous churches and monasteries of Armenia

Geghard Monastery

This IV century monastery complex is located on the right bank of the Azat River, near the village of Gokht in the Kotayk district. One of the first relics of Christianity was kept in Geghard Monastery: the spear brought to Armenia by the apostle Thaddeus, with which the Roman soldier pierced Christ. Geghard was built in the place where the pagan temple was supposedly located. The monastery is also known as Airivank.

geghard monastery

Noravank Monastery

Pilgrimage to Armenia won’t be complete if you won’t pay a visit to Noravank Monastery. Noravank, in addition to its charm, due in large part to its geographical location, is considered the grave of church and political figures, intellectuals and writers well-known in the history of Armenia. Noravank was founded by Bishop Hovhannes. He did a great job to make Noravank an episcopal complex during the conquest of the Seljuk Turks, as well as to expand church lands.



Don’t forget to make an unforgettable pilgrimage tour to Gndevank. Surrounded by powerful ramparts, the millennial Gndevank Monastery has inscribed in one of the most impressive landscapes of the south of Armenia – the rocky canyon of the Arpa River. The monastery of the X-XI centuries Gndevank was built by the order of Princess Sophia, the wife of Prince Smbat.



Saghmosavank is located in the province of Aragatsotn, on the right bank of the Kasakh River. From the outside, this Armenian church has a rectangular appearance, but cruciform inside. The monastery has domed halls, and the facades are designed with Armenian hollows. The word saghmos, which is the basis of the name of the church, means prayer, a spiritual song. Saghmosavank was restored in the XII century under the patronage of the rector of the monastery Hovhannes.



Sevanavank was built by Grigor Lusavorich in 305 by the order of the wife of Prince Vasak Gabur Mariam. Previously, it was a pagan temple, in which the rulers of Syunik subsequently settled. It is assumed that the relief engravings on the church columns of gavit were brought from some palace as a gift.


Tatev Monastery

Tatev is one of the most incredible destinations during pilgrimage tours in Armenia. The name of the monastery Tatev came from the name of St. Eustatius (Eustathius), a disciple of the Apostle Thaddeus, who preached Christianity in Syunik. There are several churches in the monastery complex, the most important of which is Surb Pogos-Petros, built with the support of the overlord of Syunik – Ashot. The church is built of basalt. Frescoes are an integral part of the Tatev Monastery.


Pilgrimage tours in Armenia will give you a marvelous opportunity to visit the Land of Noah. You will not only make pilgrimages to remote churches and monasteries of Armenia with their unique architecture inspired by true faith but also get the opportunity to trace the history of world religions from paganism to Christianity, visiting ancient temples and archaeological sites. Contemporaneously, get acquainted with the local culture and cuisine.