Combined tours to Armenia and Georgia are an excellent opportunity to see these two countries at once in a fairly short period of time.

The trip program is rich and leaves magnificent impressions and positive emotions!

Tours combine a large number of beautiful sights of Georgia and Armenia: mountains, valleys, serpentines, passes, rivers and lakes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the architectural monuments of the countries: ancient, ascetic and at the same time such cozy churches, monasteries, ancient cave cities and rock monasteries and even a pagan temple in Armenia.

Classic tour Armenia and Georgia: amazing destinations of Georgia

Let’s see what picturesque sights you’ll reveal by visiting Tbilisi: Narikala fortress, Metekhi temple with panoramic views of the old city, Zion Cathedral, Anchiskhati church, the streets of old Tbilisi, Sulfur baths in Abanotubani, Meydan Square, famous Chardin Street, Freedom Square, Shota Rustaveli Avenue, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Pantheon on Mount Mtatsminda and many other attractions. A trip to Mtskheta will be very interesting: it’s an ancient capital of Georgia. The history of the founding of the city goes deep into the Bible, for this reason, Mtskheta is also called the second Jerusalem. Here is stored the tunic of Jesus Christ in which he was crucified. It is worth noting the monastery of Jvari (6-7th century), which means “cross”, was not restored and retained its original appearance. The professional guides will tell you about the secrets of the ancient Georgian tradition of building churches.

In the evening pay a visit to the national Georgian restaurant for a solemn feast. In addition to the best and most selected dishes of Georgian culinary, you can enjoy the Georgian polyphony and skill of professional Georgian dancers.

One of the most interesting places in Georgia is Kakheti: the cradle of winemaking. Walk along the fabulous streets of the restored city of love, ancient Sighnaghi, as well as enjoy the picturesque panorama of the Alazani Valley.
Visit the Bodbe Monastery, where, according to historical sources, the Holy and Equal-to-the-Apostles Nino, enlightener of Georgia, rests. Inspect the Wine Tunnel in Kvareli. In this complex you can visit the historical wine warehouse – Tunnel, get acquainted with the culture of Georgia and taste the best Georgian wines. The tunnel has two main and thirteen connecting tunnels, each of which is 500 meters long. Here you’ll have a great opportunity to take part in a workshop on baking bread, cooking churchkhela with a tasting of Kakheti wine.

During your classic tour Armenia and Georgia, don’t miss a familiarization tour to the settlement of Stepantsminda, Kazbegi. The road to Kazbegi leads to the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region and lies through the Georgian Military Road, which connected Georgia with the North Caucasus. On the way, you can admire the ancient fortress of Ananuri and the Zhinvali reservoir. No less interesting place is Gergeti Trinity Church which is a cross-domed temple built in the XIV century. During the invasion of Tbilisi, the Persians in Gergeti harbored the cross of St. Nino. In addition to the internal furnishings, there is a small observation deck, which offers an amazing panorama of the peak of Kazbek, the resort and mountains. Climbing the Gergeti Church is difficult for walking, so you can change to off-road vehicles (jeeps or off-road minivans) and go up to enjoy the incredible beauty!

Armenia and Georgia tours: travel to Armenia

After crossing the border of Georgia, you’ll have opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries, which are significant monuments of urban planning in medieval Armenia, characterized by the unity and compactness of the asymmetric layout, a beautiful silhouette on the mountainous terrain of one of the largest spiritual and cultural complexes of Armenia founded in the 10th century.

The other place of interest in Armenia is Lake Sevan, which is an alpine lake in Armenia, one of the largest lakes in the Caucasus as if adjacent to the sky. Sevanavank Monastery is located 6 km east of the city of Sevan, on the Sevan Peninsula. Before the lake was shredded, the peninsula was a small island remote from the mainland by a three-kilometer strait.

During your holidays in Armenia and Georgia, you’ll have a fascinating tour in Yerevan, which includes visits to the following attractions: Republic Square, Northern Avenue, Opera, Cascade, Victory Park, Tsitsernakaberd, Erebuni Fortress, St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, and many other attractions of the city.

You can also visit Ararat wine and cognac factory, which preserves the traditions of the production of the legendary cognac since 1887. Huge stock of precious cognac spirits is stored in its cellars, many of which were poured into barrels in the 19th century.

During your Armenia and Georgia tours, pay a visit to Geghard Monastery founded in the 4th century on the site of a spring originating in a cave. This is a unique creation of the human hand. Halls dug in the basaltic rock are not limited by their spaciousness, but they store unique bas-reliefs on their walls, each of which is a separate work of art.

During your combined tours to Armenia and Georgia, don’t miss an opportunity to visit Etchmiadzin Cathedral. The dominant place among the memorable places around the capital is undoubtedly the magnificent Echmiadzin – the center of the Armenian Gregorian church, the “heart of Armenia” and the residence of the Catholicos, known from the 2nd century BC. According to legend, the place of its construction was indicated to St. Gregory by the Lord who came down from heaven.

The monastery complex Khor – Virap is one of the symbols of Christian Armenia and in translation means – deep dungeon. According to legend, the proclamation of Christianity as the state religion in 303 AD is connected with this place. According to legend, it was in this dungeon for 15 years that Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned, with whose name the adoption of Christianity by Armenia is connected.

Thus, Liberty Armenia provides a full cycle of combined tours to Armenia and Georgia. Sophisticated logistics of Armenia and Georgia tours and well-established trips will save your time and money!