Eco tours in Armenia are becoming an increasingly well-known destination in tourism.

The potential of Armenia in ecotourism is very high: it’s developing rapidly, bypassing the ordinary tours for scrutinizing the sights. Instead of the usual tourist attractions, ecotours give a tourist a chance to get acquainted with the nature of the terrain, offer to relax in rustic areas – exceptional recreation areas with a particular attitude to nature, they use environmentally friendly products, all-natural and homely.

Residents of big cities get tired of the permanent flurry and bad ecology, preferring to rest against the background of the pristine nature that Armenia can boast of.

What is eco tourism in Armenia?

Imagine that instead of a boring holiday with traditional food and karaoke, you go on a tangible voyage – a kind of eco-park. Eco tourism in Armenia is a renewed, still developing area of tourism, which is insensibly becoming the most sought-after in Armenia.

Eco destinations of Armenia

Getik Valley

The Getik Valley is situated in the Gegharkunik region between the mountains of Miapor and Areguni. Getik has become one of the best eco places in Armenia. You can take place in grain processing workshops or prepare national desserts. Tourists are given the possibility to trace the process of preparing goat cheese. In the hamlet of Getik, a carpet store was opened, where tourists can get acquainted with the local traditions of carpet weaving. You can even take part in the process of getting honey.

After the workshops, you can pay a visit to the Karmir Ekhtsi Monastery, go fishing in a playful lake in the thorp of Getik.

Getik ValleyGeghadir Eco-zone

Eco tourism in Armenia has reached an up-to-date level thanks to the eco-zone in Geghadir. The mountain hamlet has conserved its clarity and pulchritude, and the ecological zone has made it more fascinating for tourists.

Urtsadzor village

Urtsadzor village has become one of the best eco destinations of Armenia. Here are organized hiking and horseback riding tours. Tourists can come to a halt in rural residents’ houses, which is much more interesting than a standard hotel.

Ecotourism is the best way to get acquainted with Armenia, and its traditions. Armenia is renowned for its unadulterated air, and picturesque places. There is everything for lovers of eco tourism: natural conditions, essential infrastructure, hospitable locals, a high level of service.