Armenia is one of the most amazing and interesting countries in the world.

Armenia can rightfully be proud of its ancient and eventful history. We can see the border of Armenia already on the map of Herodotus of the 5th century, and the state of Great Armenia left its powerful cultural mark throughout the region.

Today, in terms of richness and cultural value of tourist routes, Armenia can argue with many countries of the world. The entire territory of the country can rightfully be called an “open-air museum”, because here, in an amazing way, the abundance of natural beauties is combined with many (more than four thousand) historical, architectural monuments of different periods of the country’s history.

A winter trip to Armenia can give you everything: rest on the background of beautiful landscapes, restoration of strength and health at resorts and sightseeing of interesting sights.

Fascinating winter holidays in Armenia

Winter in Armenia is a time of diverse opportunities. Firstly, it’s an active winter vacation in the famous resorts, secondly, it’s an opportunity to visit unique historical and cultural buildings that are located among the snowy mountain landscapes, thirdly, it’s winter gastronomy in Armenia, for example, khash – winter soup, which is served exclusively in winter season. Today, more and more guests prefer Armenia in the winter season – and this has its own pattern. There is no sea in the country, but it is perfectly replaced by the picturesque Lake Sevan.

Here are tempting Armenia winter tour destinations!

Aghveran is a small mountain village in the country, famous for its healing hot springs. This climatic resort is accessible to tourists all year round, and the main attractions of the region were created by nature itself – Mount Tsakhkuyants with a rain lake, trekking and hiking routes. People come here for silence and recovery.

Tsaghkadzor is the country’s most famous ski resort in a picturesque valley at an altitude of about 1.8 km above sea level. In summer, the valley blooms with bright colors, and in winter, it is becoming the best place for ski lovers and snowboarders. Kecharis Monastery, the Orbeli Brothers Museum and the Molokan community are waiting for lovers of excursions.

Lake Sevan is one of the largest lakes in the country and the entire Caucasus, located in a mountain bowl at an altitude of about 2 km above sea level. They say that in the old days only stars and gods were worth drinking pure water from a reservoir. Today, all connoisseurs of Caucasian beauties rush to visit here.

What other places to visit in winter in Armenia?

Winter in Yerevan is especially beautiful. Yerevan is the capital of the country and one of the oldest cities in the world. The city delights with its architectural ensemble, a large number of churches, museums and exhibition halls. Especially attractive are the local buildings, where the facades are covered with pink tuff in various shades, basalt and marble.

Make a visit to Vagharshapat, which is an ancient Armenian city 20 km from Yerevan. Here is the main religious center of the country, ancient temples, a large-scale and amazingly beautiful Cathedral (Echmiadzin Monastery).
During your Armenia winter tour visit Gyumri which is an ancient and glorious city almost on the border with Turkey. Today, tourists are especially attracted by the local Old Town, the Black Fortress and the Russian Chapel, city museums and the central park.

The winter season in Armenia is marvelous. Especially in Dilijan which is a small piece of “Switzerland” in the country. The incredible beauty of the nature of the local National Park, the Haghartsin Gorge, Lake Parz, as well as the Haghartsin, Goshavank and other monasteries are worth visiting here.

Vanadzor is the third largest city in the country, famous for its water and mud therapy, as well as mineral springs. Among the sights of the village, there is a “black” church, an art gallery and city theaters. But special attention is paid to the monastery complexes of Haghpat, Sanahin.

Khor Virap is an ancient monastery near the ancient capital of the country. The monastery stands on a rock in the middle of the plain, against the backdrop of the snow cap of Ararat. The complex consists of 2 churches – the church of St. George, built over the old underground dungeon, as well as the church of St. Virgin Mary.

Captivating skiing in Armenia

Most residents of modern cities plan their holidays in advance. According to statistics, 40% of vacationers prefer active holidays, which is an incredibly high indicator of this direction. Moreover, among the numerous campsites, tours to the ski resorts of Armenia are ahead of all.

Tsaghkadzor is one of the most popular and famous ski resorts in Armenia. This country is famous not only for its cognacs, vibrant culture and customs, but also for the opportunity to relax inexpensively in the mountains to go skiing or snowboarding.

Аn alternative to Tsaghkadzor is Jermuk. There is also a cable car built in accordance with international standards. There are also local rental of snowboards and ski equipment.

The resort surroundings are full of unique historical and architectural monuments. One example is Gndevank (X century), the monastery of St. Astvatsatsin (XIII century) and Noravank (XII century). The latter is one of the most popular, wonderful and amazing monasteries.

How does a tour to the ski resort of Armenia differ from its analogs?

Climate is a powerful argument for any traveler. The average daily air temperature at the famous resorts (Sevan, Jermuk, Tsaghkadzor) is -15 – -20 degrees Celsius, which fully ensures a comfortable stay.

Tours to the ski resorts of Armenia are distinguished by a variety of offers. You can choose a quiet place with small slopes on the one hand, on the other hand, large resorts are very popular, where the slopes are long and the complexity is designed for professionals in skiing.

Prices for ski tours to the resorts of Armenia are one of the most adequate. They depend on the breadth of the services used, as well as the level of the selected base.

Armenia is an ancient and original country of Transcaucasia. Hospitable Armenia attracts tourists with a rich history, delicious national cuisine, and many attractions.

Vacationers plan their winter holidays in Armenia to admire the ancient monasteries, get to know Ararat, heal in the health resorts, skiing, enjoy a juicy barbecue and other dishes, enthusiastically listen to the legends of the Armenian people.

Armenia is a country in which you can fall in love! Explore Armenia with Liberty Armenia!