Armenia is famous for simple but very tasty dishes.

Having chosen our gastronomic tour to Armenia, you will learn the secrets of traditional Armenian dishes. You can try the dishes typical for different regions of Armenia. Tastings, lunches, and dinners will be held in authentic restaurants and rural houses, where everything is prepared with fresh products.

In addition, we, of course, will get acquainted with the amazing Armenian culture, try gourmet food in Armenia, visit rocky monasteries, medieval fortresses, marvel with the banks of the famous Lake Sevan,  see the main Armenian shrines, magnificent mountains, and rivers, friendly streets of the Armenian capital.

Gastronomic tours in Armenia – reveal the best Armenian dishes

What awaits us during the food tours in Armenia?  We’ll make an interesting excursion to the brandy factory “Ararat”. It carefully preserves the traditions of cognac production. During the tour, we will learn the secrets of production and try three types of cognac: three, five and ten-year aging. 

The culinary master class is waiting for us! We have to learn how to select and pump out honey, cook cheese, or bake baklava. The master class depends on the time of year.

You will never forget excursion to Lake Sevan. This is the largest of the lakes of the Caucasus. On its northwestern coast, we will visit Sevanavank Monastery. According to the chronicles, the first church on Lake Sevan, Surb Harutyun (Church of the Resurrection), was built by Gregory the Illuminator on the site of a pagan temple on the island. It was destroyed by the 995 earthquake. In the IX century, the monk Mashtots Egivardetsi (hereinafter – the Catholicos Mashtots I Egivardetsi) founded a full-fledged monastery with churches of St. Apostles and St. Virgin Mary. We’ll also have lunch at a seafront restaurant by Lake Sevan. Here we we’ll try dishes of ishkhan (trout), whitefish and Sevan crab.

During our food tours in Armenia, we’ll make a visit to Vernissage and Tashir markets. The Vernissage flea market is a favorite place for city guests. Here you can find carved chess and backgammon, handmade jewelry, ceramics, traditional musical instruments, carpets, and paintings. At the Tashir market, all the most delicious food in Armenia is sold: vegetables, fruits, meat, here is the widest selection of best food in Armenia: nuts, dried fruits, and traditional sweets.

Food tours in Armenia – you’ll never forget savor of Armenian dishes

We’ll visit the spiritual center of Armenia – Etchmiadzin – Armenian Vatican. Here we’ll go to the cathedral, built in the IV century, and to the Etchmiadzin treasury museum, where especially revered relics are stored, the most famous of which is “St. Geghard” – a spear piercing the side of Christ.

We’ll have a delectable lunch in Etchmiadzin – tasting of Etchmiadzin Kufta. These are beef meatballs, which are served with butter and hot pepper tsitsak.

We’ll visit Garni – a temple dating back to the era of paganism. Here we’ll learn how to bake the well-known Armenian bread lavash and cook barbecue in tonir.

For dessert, the delicious Armenian gata awaits us!

Bjni village is famous for its mineral water. Here professionals will teach us how to cook a local dish – goose meat tolma.

Then, we will move to Mount Aragats – the highest mountain in the territory of present-day Armenia, a height of about 3000 m, where the ancient fortress of the 7th-century Amberd is located.

Even higher, at an altitude of 3300 m above sea level, is the beautiful Lake Kari Lich, which name is translated as “Lake of Stone”.

Next, we will go down to the village of Byurakan located on the side of the mountain. There we will taste a dish called ghapama. Ghapama is made from pumpkin, which is stuffed with rice, as well as dried fruits.

On the way back to Yerevan, we will stop at the Saghmosavank and Hovhannavank Monasteries, which are located on the edge of the picturesque Kasakh Gorge.

Further, our path will lie to Noravank surrounded by sheer red rocks. After getting acquainted with Noravank, we will go to the nearby village of Areni, which can be called the wine center of Armenia. We will taste the best varieties of wine, and also learn how to cook delicious khashlama from a young lamb.

Try gourmet food in Armenia during your trip

The most magical place in Armenia is Tatev village. Our path there will run along the longest cable car in the world, which stretches over the Vorotan Gorge.

After you learn all about Tatev Monastery and feel the soul of these magical places, we will go to the locals who will teach us how to cook the famous Armenian tortilla with greens  – Zhengyalov hats. We will also enjoy real homemade yogurt and village cheese.

Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest on Earth. The secrets of preparing many dishes have been passed down from generation to generation for many centuries. A feature of Armenian cuisine is its diversity.  In addition to meat and dairy products, a large assortment of cereals and legumes is used in Armenian cuisine – wheat, rice, barley, beans, peas, lentils. Also, an Armenian table cannot be imagined without a large number of vegetables and various herbs and greens. Liberty Armenia invites you to our unique gastronomic tour, in which you will taste various dishes of Armenian cuisine, and also take part in their direct preparation.