The well-known Belgian online publication “Le Vif Weekend” has published a list of the best architectural monuments of the ancient Roman period (754/753 – 476 BC). Among the 51 most beautiful monuments is the Armenian pagan temple of Garni, located in the valley of the Azat River in the Kotayk region of Armenia. Temple of Garni is on the 37th place in the list. The pagan temple of Garni was built in the 1st century AD by the Armenian king Trdat I. This is the only monument that has survived in the territory of Armenia, dating back to the era of paganism and Hellenism. The list, published in the magazine, is headed by the Colosseum of Rome, the world’s largest amphitheater that has survived to this day. In second place is the temple of Jupiter, the ancient Roman god of the sky, light and thunder, which was built under the emperor Nero (37-68 BC.), located in the ancient city of Baalbek (modern Lebanon). In third place is the Roman pantheon, or the “Temple of All Gods”, dedicated to the ancient Roman gods, built in the 1st century by the order of the Roman emperor Hadrian.


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