Armenia is considered one of the safest countries in the world, and the medical tourist expects to receive high-quality and affordable spa services that can be combined with a safe and secure vacation.

Today Armenia offers safe, effective and affordable medical tours in Armenia, as well as rich cultural and historical places to visit, where you could enjoy the natural beauties. Armenia is also known for its diverse and environmentally friendly national cuisine: it has a wide selection of meat dishes and vegetarian cuisine at affordable prices. Fruits grown in the Armenian Highlands are also famous for their wonderful aroma and taste.

Medical tourism in Armenia

You may be surprised right now, but Armenia and treatment are inextricable concepts. Surely, you heard something about Caucasian longevity, and you heard that in different regions and countries the inhabitants of mountain settlements are centenarians because of the mountain air, which has a miraculous effect on the body.

Perhaps you also heard about mineral waters which are useful for the body.

About half of Armenia is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, and the highest point in the country reaches 4095 meters (Mount Aragats). Leaving Zvartnots or Gyumri airports, you will already feel that you are breathing differently.

It would seem that being at altitude leads to a risk of oxygen starvation … However, not everything is so simple. Atmospheric pressure in the mountains drops, in turn, the body, “afraid” of the threat of oxygen starvation, begins to enrich the body with oxygen much faster due to physiological changes. Thus, the enrichment of the body with oxygen begins to approach 98%. And yet, a little-known fact, the number of bacteria and microbes in 1 meter of cubic mountain air is thousands of times less than on the plain. And this means that without specifically doing anything, you can get rid of ENT diseases. And what’s important – the mountain air does not contain dust and allergens!

Mineral waters of Armenia

In Armenia, there are 2 resorts that boast mineral healing waters.


Jermuk is considered one of the best spa resorts in Armenia. There are about 40 sources of mineral water, some of them gush like wells. There is a world-famous drinking gallery in Jermuk – 5 natural springs with warm mineral water from 45 to 65 degrees. Each source is able to solve a specific health problem. For the treatment of diseases of the stomach, water is used, heated to 45 degrees, problems with blood vessels are solved by drinking water, heated to 53 degrees.

Jermuk’s water is rich in mineral salts. Healing mineral water heals wounds, helps with: peptic ulcer disease, joint disease, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the genitourinary system, metabolic disorders and diabetes mellitus.

From the city of Jermuk to the natural pool with mineral water is about 8 km. Here you can take mineral baths all year round – the water there is +35 degrees. Natural pools formed in the niches of an extinct volcano, so the deeper the pool, the more water in it is saturated with minerals and carbon dioxide.

Jermuk Falls “Mermaid Hair” partially has a mineral composition. To visit it during the hot period, to sit on warm stones, lowering your legs into a mineralized stream is useful not only for the body but also for the nervous system!



Dilijan resort is a balneological resort in Armenia. The city is surrounded on all sides by the Dilijan National Reserve. Among such breathtaking beauty and purity of nature, you will relax, find peace and tranquility. The nervous system comes in order! Spending a few days in Dilijan is very useful for people working on nervous work or under stress, who have undergone some kind of psycho-emotional stress. At the same time, you can drink mineral water in Dilijan, extracted from a well from a depth of 50 m.

Armenia is the birthplace of 3,500 various plants, almost half of which have a therapeutic effect. It is really an ideal place for growing medicinal plants and producing natural cosmetics.
Medical tours and dentistry in Armenia.

Another direction of medical tourism in Armenia is dentistry. Rather, it will be said that these are not only tours to Armenia with treatment, but also the solution of aesthetic issues. The quality of dental services in Armenia is very high. Of course, it’s very profitable to go on a tour to Armenia, see the country, walk around the ancient city of Yerevan, cure your teeth or perform aesthetic manipulations!


Tours to Armenia for treatment are not only the highest quality medical procedures at an affordable price but also a beautiful ancient country, the acquaintance with which will make a lasting impression on you!

Armenia and treatment are inextricably linked. We offer you to take advantage of all the benefits of this beautiful country rich in natural and cultural attractions! We invite you to medical tours in Armenia. Welcome to Armenia – to a country where nature itself takes care of you!