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Travelers from all around the world head to Armenia to relax and experience the world famous healing resorts. From detox programs to mineral waters with healing properties – Armenia has it all. Prepare to pack your bags as we present you the top spa destinations in Armenia that you must visit.



Jermuk is a resort town located 170 km south-east of Yerevan and considered to be one of the main SPAs in country. Jermuk is within the mountains of Vayots Dzor Region, among thick forests. The town became popular thanks to unique thermal-mineral springs around which it has grown. “Jerm” means “warm” in Armenian. The water comes out from the geyser spring (water temperature reaches +60 С). The water is heavily saturated with carbon dioxide and is used for drinking, baths, treatment of intestines, liver, and nervous disorders. Jermuk water is known far beyond the republic’s borders and is similar to the well-known mineral water in Karlovy Vary. It is also famous for its mineral water  “Jermuk” brands bottled in the town.


Arzni is a sanatorium town in the Kotayk Province located in the Hrazdan canyon, 23 km away from city Yerevan. The mineral waters of Arzni has the main factors of effective curing because they contain a big amount of carbon dioxide and mineral elements.The resorts over the town don’t only offer mineral water treatment and pine baths, but also Tibetan methods, acupuncture and oxygen therapy. By the annual number of clear days, Arzni ranks over any resort of the Caucasian mineral waters which allows organization of efficient climatotherapy. 


Dilijan, the greenest corner of Armenia is situated in Tavush province at a distance of 96km from Yerevan. Known as the “Little Armenian Switzerland”, mountainous Dilijan town is one of the most picturesque and pleasant parts of Armenia. Dense forests, curative mineral springs, clear lakes, wild nature, velvet hills all around the town covered with various herbs and wonderful highland scenery of Dilijan National Park are a magnet for nature lovers. Moreover, the experience of natural beauty is accompanied by the discovery of historical monuments, such as the many monasteries the region has to offer, which makes it possible to combine passive rest in sanatoriums with excursions and walking tours. The forested town has some great examples of traditional architecture of the region, which inherently utilizes steep tiled roofs and wooden beams. People come from all over the world to relax, restore their health, breathe the mountain air and taste the pure mineral water. Even just driving through Dilijan is a great way to feel this amazing and picturesque town for yourself.


Hankavan is balneo climatic sanatorium. It is located in Armenia’s Kotayk province, 85 km North from Yerevan. Hankavan resort town is located in the picturesque canyon of the river surrounded by forested mountains. Hankavan’s climate is mild, summers are moderately warm, winters are moderately cold. Hankavan’s main sources of healing are mountain climate and, of course, hot springs.


Translated from Armenian the word “Tsaghkadzor” means the “Gorge of Flowers”. Indeed, the gorge, the mountains, snow tops, rapid rivers, picturesque valleys are covered with a flower carpet. It is located on Mount Teghenis gentle slope, 50 km far from Yerevan city. Tsaghkadzor attracts thousands of locals and tourists who come there to relax, improve their health and admire the beauties of nature. Why Tsaghkadzor is so popular is that it is a spa and resort town for all seasons. It is an enjoyable place to spend your summertime, as the summers here are not too hot, and the air is always fresh due to its fantastic nature. But what is more famous for Tsaghkadzor, that it is a cool and much-liked destination. The reason is that you can find all the facilities to enjoy winter sports there. What attracts the travelers the most is the ropeway that takes them to the snowy tops of the Mount Teghenis for skiing or snowboarding. The city is home to lots of modern hotels, resorts, hostels and many luxurious cafes, restaurants, amusement facilities and even casinos. You will definitely take with you many nice pictures and unforgettable memories.

Sevan Lake

Sevan Lake – “The Jewel of Armenia” or the “Geghama Sea” is the largest body of water in the Caucasus and one of the the main summer attractions in Armenia. The coastline of Sevan Lake is very picturesque with its thick woods, white bare steep rocks, mountain steppes and Alpine meadows, wide bright strip of sea-buckthorn and pine trees, and pebble beaches. This beautiful landscape is added with whipped clouds – they literally touch the mountain tops. Its transparent waters are capable of changing color: when it is sunny it gets turquoise, in windy weather the water turns grey, at night – silvery. The biggest lake of Armenia is the most visited tourist destination of Armenia. The shores are near the hotels or resort houses. Some free beaches are convenient for picnics or family, friends gathering.

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