Armenian Cuisine

It is impossible to immerse oneself in Armenian culture and not to try Armenian national dishes. The cuisine here is so rich and various, that it will satisfy the tastes and preferences of any tourist. Even the most rigorous gourmets won’t remain indifferent. Armenian cuisine is one of the most impressive things visitors are offered to explore in Armenia. The cuisine reflects the history and geography where Armenians have lived as well as incorporating outside influences and not only the history of the people, but his mentality, spirit and character.

Armenian cuisine is considered to be one of the oldest one in Europe and Transcaucasia. It proves the fact that still 2500 years ago the Armenians knew how to bake bread and make a barbecue. Even yet in 5th century BC Xenophon, an ancient Greek historian, mentioned in “Anabasis” that the beer he tried in Armenia had excellent taste.

Armenia is a place where recipes are passed on from generation to generation and the signature of specialties become a treasured family secret. It is a place where chefs conjure in the kitchen by keeping to traditional recipes, interpreting or even boldly experimenting with old ones. It is a place that mixes influences from Levantine and European cuisine due to its unique location.