Armenian cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world.
Traveling around the country, you will find a variety of vegetables and greens everywhere, different cheeses and low fat meats. What national dishes should you pay attention to first of all?
“Zhengyalov hats” – tortilla like bread made from thin unleavened dough stuffed with greens, at first glance – a simple dish, but once you try it, you will never forget the taste. This is because up to 30 types of fresh mountain herbs and greens are used in the filling.
“Dolma” – any holiday or event is not complete without the presence of dolma. Preparing of dolma is a ceremony. Ground beef mixed with boiled rice and dried greens are wrapped in young grape leaves. The smaller the dolma, the higher the skill of the hostess, because it is important not to tear the fragile grape leaf. In winter, when fresh grape leaves are not available, canned ones are used. In summer and autumn, Etchmiadzin-style dolma is prepared in Armenia, instead of grape leaves they use bell pepper, tomatoes, quince, eggplant, which are stuffed with minced meat.
Kyufta – meat beaten into mousse is rolled into balls then boiled or fried. In the old days, they usually grind and beat the meat with a special wooden hammer, adding cold water.
“Tan-apur” or “Spas” – in the original traditional sour-milk soup is called “tan-apur”, but in the last century it was widely known as “spas”. According to legend, at the end of the 19th century, one winter evening, Russian Cossacks knocked on the door of a peasant’s house in the Kars region and asked for an overnight. The soldiers were hungry and very cold. They were offered a hot soup, which has long been prepared in every Armenian home. Having satisfied their hunger, the Cossacks thanked the owner with the words: “You saved us, you just saved us,” and tan-apur has since been called “spas” (from the same word “spas”, which means “to save” translated from Russian). Soup is prepared from groat, a variety of wheat that grows on the territory of Armenia, in appearance it looks a bit like barley, but the taste is significantly different. For satiety, wheat flour, eggs, butter and matsun are added to the broth, for flavor – herbs. In summer, the soup is served cold, it will perfectly refresh, saturate, and not leave a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
“Khash” – a thick meat broth, in density similar to Russian”kholodzets”, is not only just a cult dish, but a form of communication. Khash is cooked for at least eight hours from beef shanks, previously soaked for several hours in cold water. As soon as the broth becomes milky white, it is considered ready. Khash is served with dried lavash, greens, cheese and hot peppers, and of course alcohol. All this will show the wonders of the famous Caucasian table eloquence.


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