Spring is hardly the best time to get to know Armenia better. We have collected a few reasons why you should plan a trip to this sunny country in March, April or May. Let’s go!

  1. Travel in comfort.
    In the spring, it is more comfortable to travel around Armenia on your own, because at the end of March the weather is already very pleasant and warm.
  2. Admiring flowering.
    In the spring, the nature of Armenia wakes up, the plenty of colors and aromas fill everything around.
  3. Rest at the thermal spa.
    There are many sanatoriums in Armenia, where you will be offered relaxing, rejuvenating, wellness treatments with local healing waters and mud. Take a closer look at spa hotels in Jermuk, Dilijan and Arzakan.
  4. Visiting waterfalls.
    It is better to admire the waterfalls in the spring, when they have not yet been exhausted by the summer drought. It is worth going to the border of the provinces of Shirak and Lori, where the stream of the 23-meter Trchkan falls down – the most full-flowing waterfall in the country, which is called the “Armenian Niagara”.
  5. Holidays and festivals
    From March to May, many international and national holidays are celebrated in Armenia, including “Women’s Month” (March 8 – April 7), Easter, Wine festival, Dolma festival and other interesting events.
  6. See the fountains of Yerevan
    In the spring, fountains that were turned off for the winter start working again in Yerevan. Therefore, only with the arrival of warmer weather, you will see the Armenian capital in all its glory.
  7. Enjoy the plenty of juicy berries
    If you want to eat plenty of cherries and strawberries, come visit us in May, when the berry season begins in the Ararat Valley and in the south of the country. And at the end of spring you will already find tasty apricots.


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